Unique custom design jewelry artisan crafted
with continual quality assurance located in
Marstal on the magical island Ærø Denmark
the happiest country in the world. 
Enjoy the magic.
Repair and cleansing of jewels
Grinding and processing of stone
Cire perdue casting
Gold and rhodium plating
Piercing of ears and nose
Tours in the foundry

Handcrafted silver bracelet

Handmade silver brooch with amber

Ærø tie clip in silver

Venus in silver

3 layer silver ring with oxidation

Silver trophy 5 cm tall

Black and blue berry ear studs

Faith, hope and love in silver with diamonds

Handmade ring in argentinium

Greenlandic lime green sodalite in silver setting

Feather earrings in silver, goldplated or rhodinated

Amber set in silver

Ærø brooch in silver

The lime kiln in marstal as a pendant

Thors hammer in silver

3 layer silver ring, gilded

YourDesign-Nordic | VAT number: 34292752 | Strandstræde 9, Marstal - Denmark | Phone: 45-27624812 | pia@yourdesign-nordic.dk